Dress blue bravos on RA
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    Dress blue bravos on RA

    I'm currently on recruiters assistance, I was wanting to know if I was allowed to wear my dress blue bravos uniform to my school. My recruiter will not be present while I am at the school, I live in Wyoming so we are a couple hours away from each other. Thank you in advance for he help.

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    If your on RA and the Uniform of the Day is Dress Blue Bravo, then yes it's the prescribed uniform of the day....

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    Don't have a phone? Talk to/text your recruiter and get their guidance first.

    Normally, dress blue bravos should be OK. But, with the terrorist threat, and individual school policies today, that may be a wrong assumption. Better be safe than sorry. I have a niece who is a Navy recruiter in Ohio. They have a lot of restrictions on when/where uniforms are authorized (she reenlisted in civilian gear believe it or not - I was there).

    Good luck Devil.

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    Thank you that helps, I did text my recruiter and asked him but he never replied. Made that kind of hard, I'll be wearing Charlie's then.

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    Not surprised you never heard from your recruiter. When my LCpl niece was a poolee, communicating with her recruiter was like pulling teeth. He was always late for meetings with her, and sometimes, just never showed up at all (with no explanation/apology). Of course, he expected her to always be on time and maintain contact with him. He promised to get her PTAD orders for RA to her ahead of time but never did. She had to make a special trip to the RSS day before leaving for MCT to pick up her orders and of course, he was not around. I know recruiters have a tough job and I don't envy them. I do expect every Marine to keep their word regardless.

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