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    The latest issue of Sgt Grit Marine Specialties catalog for Spring, 2017 (Volume 90) has fired me up AGAIN about the CAR shown upside down or backwards, with the blue on the right and red on the left as you look at it.

    Great company. Great catalog. Authentic stuff. Great service. Honest prices.

    Lousy editors. How the COVER has such an obvious (to almost any Marine) error, is beyond my comprehension.

    I'd post a picture, but I've not located one yet. If you get the catalog routinely, you'll see it in due course. Their website is if you want to check out their stuff. I am NOT soliciting or promoting anything. I'm vexed with the company for a totally unforced error that any Marine should have pointed out to them.

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    Here is a link to the subject display of the above rant:

    Here is another with an even more obvious error:

    There is a display on Page 77 of the catalog which IS correct.

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    Apparently, this has been on-going for some time, as previous issues of the catalog have the same photos in the interior pages.

    But putting it on the cover made it blatantly obvious.

    I suppose the takeaway is that if you are going to want your survivors to have a memorial case with your military accouterments laid out, do it YOURSELF before you pass away and then you'll know it's squared away. Don't let others handle it for you. Even the most well-intentioned efforts may fall short of YOUR standards.

    Semper Fi

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