CAR upside down on TV
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    CAR upside down on TV

    I don't rate a CAR. The closest I got to combat was fixing stuff that got blown up in country that was salvageable while I was far away on Okinawa. I am in awe of those who do rate it.

    That said....

    Tonight on Fox, a young lance corporal wearing a pretty hefty rack of ribbons proposed to his girlfriend on national TV.

    He was wearing Dress Blues (not sure if he was wearing gloves), but the CAR upside down on his uniform made me cringe.

    It's probably just me, but I'd've thought at LEAST one Marine (or Sailor) vet or active would have squared the man away. Certainly before appearing on national TV.

    THe Marine popped the question to his girl and she said "Yes" so I suppose he might survive the flak he is bound to receive down the road.

    Semper Fi.

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    Maybe he's a Poser, Semper Fidelis.

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    Not my place to judge. I sincerely hope not, though.

    I do find it hard to believe that he wasn't trained in something as basic as "blue is always up and to the right."

    He's young. That uniform malfunction is on film and will probably haunt him the rest of his career. I don't envy him that.

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    From what I can see is this: CAR is backwards not upside down followed by
    NUC - Selected Marine Reserve (3 yrs) "Where's a GCM then" - Southwest Aisian - Unknown - NDSM - Overseas Ribbon - ??? - Navy Marine Corps Commendation... If I see it correctly..

    That Navy Comm is totally in the wrong place, it should go in front of the CAR as it is a higher priority personal award, if he has a 3 yr reserve medal, wheres that good cookie..???

    Some major issues with this person... Doe's he have a name...???

    CAR - NUC - MC Reserve
    SWA - ??? - NDSM
    OSR - ??? - N/MCComm

    Pitch in Marines, help is always appreciated....

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    Here is the entire video clip. Note he is NOT wearing the white gloves (MANDATORY in full dress, last I recall). Some PDA (kissing and hugs. Not sure if allowed AT ALL, never mind on a national stage).

    Pardon the source (insert eyeroll).

    Not to be petty, but backwards would be with the ribbon inserted in the rack with the ribbon side inboard). Perhaps I should have said "inverted".

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    He's a porker that's for sure, should be easy enough to find out with reserve centers in PA...

    To my limited knowledge, there haven't been any Reserve's sent to active areas in nearly 5+ years...

    Smell's like some embellishment...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    Lmfao now that's a war hero, Semper Fidelis.

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    A lot of comments on Fox about this guy, Andrew Codispot.

    Yes, his ribbons are out of order and screwed up. Yes, his t-shirt was untucked and visible under his blouse when he bent over in the video to kneel.

    The happy couple has been ALREADY engaged since OCTOBER, 2016. Read all about it on his Facebook page:

    Note the picture a little down the page. That CAR is still backasswards.

    He has photos up showing him in the rockpile with his unit, so it looks like he is not a poser. No good cookie is likely because he has had Office Hours stick in his recent past. Terminal Lance happens a LOT in the Corps. I was one my own self. I did NOT have any NJPs that stuck.

    This is the fiancée's FB page:

    She has changed her name (previous marriage, perhaps?)

    So he's real, just never really squared away, and his buddies didn't help him with his uniform issues. It happens, I suppose.

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    Good job Haddock....

    Well done...

    Click image for larger version

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    He's still a chitbird can't wear his cover correct, Semper Fidelis.

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    From what I read, this guy got out of the Marine Corps Reserve a number of years ago. That explains his overweight appearance. The CAR is indeed incorrect as the blue side is not to his right. He has no GCM most likely because he was not on active duty for a continuous period of three years--since time credited towards the SMCR medal cannot be counted towards the GCM. The middle ribbon on the lower bar is the Armed Forces Reserve Medal. The last one is not the NCM. It's hard to tell, but most likely some bull**** NATO ribbon.

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    Somebody needs to rip his sorry ass from top to bottom. Someone need to educate the idiot on how to properly wear ribbons. Bottom line to me, is that, there is a way to determine if he's entitled to the ribbons he's wearing.


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