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    need help

    good evening.

    I am not too cpu savy but I need a question answered.
    I have lost 6 issued magazines from the armory. I have looked everywhere for them and no luck. what are my consequences going to be? how much will I have to pay?

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    Well ArmoredRunner,

    You seem to be computer savvy enough to have found your way in here, registered and filled out your profile...

    Now, take a few minutes, think about what your asking and try writing something that makes intelligent sense, then perhaps you'll get an answer...!!!

    Your current question is extremely vague and lacks much information needed for anyone to answer...

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    Now, I've noticed that your ship date to MCRD was April of this year, thus I assume you've graduated and are now a Marine vs a Poolee...???

    If that's the case you need to update that profile and ask to have your status changed..

    Secondly, this is in the wrong place, Young Marines are for those that are not a Marine nor poolee...

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    I scratch my head on this one myself-
    Not to worry-

    think along with me for a moment please
    and consider just what you may be asking.....

    In my day = before electricity had been invented
    we didn't have "Magizines" only powder-horns.
    Later Marines who had magizines issued/but lost them
    most times were required to pay the current price of manufactrue
    to replace them.
    CURRENT Marines on the other hand/ depending where they
    may be stationed around the world. MAY be required to do
    JAIL time in addition to re-payment for the lost gear-

    I shudder to think / IF you are perhaps stationed say
    in California {land of the lotus-eaters } big-time jailtime
    may be in store if your LOST MAGIZINES turn up
    outside the base where Gov. JerryBrowns policeforces
    are able to raise y our fingerprints on those
    LARGE Capacity happened to misplace .....

    Older Marines Nearer to my generation would have
    still been cursing knowing IF WE didn't have them,
    and we didn't send them home- somebody near by
    stole them...

    AS IT IS

    how about asking some ADMINISTRATOR to change your PROFILE
    and you update your information .....


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    Personally if I was your fire team leader I'd sh!t you six mags most Ricky tick and you'd owe me the cost plus a favor. Avoid any mess. Keep it in house, as it were. Itd not like mags are serialized, or at least they weren't when I was in.

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    What, has Saigon Sam's closed down? If so, how about eBay?

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    [QUOTE=m14ed;1017688]I scratch my head on this one myself I believe the profile thing isn't a site rule anymore according to air force Dave, Semper Fidelis.

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