Looking for Marine Paul R. Henderson
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    Looking for Marine Paul R. Henderson

    Active from 1969-1971 from Baytown, TX. Worked at Sears before going active.

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    try those two and let us know how you made out

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    two what?

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    What units? What duty stations? I knew a couple of Hendersons from 69-72.

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    check your email -
    and give yourself a facepalm

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    Not sure what units. At Lejeune he was at mainside. Lived in married housing with his wife and two kids.

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    should be advised
    posting telephone numbers and
    addresses of others is frowned apon
    in Leatherneck.
    not an option that is allowed now or in the past

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    oh -
    sent you half dozen more
    to your EMAIL

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    I know it has been awhile but fyi, never received an email from you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lars12 View Post

    I know it has been awhile

    but fyi,

    never received an email from you.
    Lars -
    please be advised sir,
    each time you posted here on site
    i attempted to contact you either thru
    an onsite message,
    OR thru your profile email address.........

    Small $hit mounts up
    Phuckers get tired of pushing buttons
    that dont work........

    MAYBE you can ask around,
    perhaps one of the old squad leaders on here
    can provide you with my email address,
    perhaps even my telephone number.....

    you can try complaining on here like i do

    I keep looking for Hellen Waite ,

    she's in charge of the COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT
    here on leatherneck.com-
    or the guy titled NOBODY -
    I Been told (nobody) cares
    about what happens on here any more.

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    Ed........don't know where you been, brother. But, Hellen moved in with Nobody, and they haven't been seen since Rocky's funeral.

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    Marine Family Free Member Mistybluelady's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    lmao... Billy... that sh*t is funny

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