Navy to Marines (please read, before you go, not another one.)
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    Navy to Marines (please read, before you go, not another one.)

    Hello Marines,

    I am an active duty Electrician's Mate Second Class Petty Officer in the USN. I have over ten years of active service and my contract will take me out to 11 years and some change of active service. I have as many do began to look at my options as I near the end of another contract and I have began to think that I would absolutely love the challenge of hopefully becoming a Marine. Now with that said I have seen that age restriction is 29 and I will be 31 when my contract is up. I also have a full tattoo sleeve and some other random ones. These are all documented of course. I am posting this not for career advice but for the purpose of finding out if my age and tattoos will be a henderance.

    Thanks for all y'all do.
    EM2 (SW) Hauck

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    Nobody here can answer your questions. The tattoo policy changed recently but I still don't believe Marines can have full sleeves. Best thing to do is talk to a recruiter (they may need to look at your tattoos).

    Good luck and thank you for your service.

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    The age thing may be less of an issue than the sleeve, but ask a recruiter. That gets tricky with the inter-service transfer. As I understand it generally, it would be a no-go for getting into the Marine Corps fresh, but as prior service with all properly documented tattoos... who knows. Let us know how it works out, I'm curious.


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