15 Things Only POGs Will Understand....
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    15 Things Only POGs Will Understand....

    15 Things Only POGs Will Understand

    There are some things about being a POG that grunts will never understand.

    Yankees versus Red Sox, dogs versus cats, Coca-Cola versus Pepsi — all these rivalries pale in comparison to grunts versus POGs.

    A colloquialism for infantrymen in the Army and Marine Corps, grunts are the military’s door kickers and trigger pullers, in short, they’re the pointy end of the spear.

    By contrast, the term POG — person other than grunt — refers to non-infantry personnel. POGs provide all the support — from food, chow, ammo, and intel to transportation and air power — that ensures grunts can do their jobs effectively, like take the fight to the enemy.

    Grunts and POGs live in two different worlds, and while there’s a lot of things grunts experience that non-infantry personnel will never understand — like how you’re a boot until you have a combat action ribbon or a combat infantryman badge — there’s a few things only POGs can truly understand.

    Here are 15 things only the desk jockeys, cooks, admin and supply bubba’s can relate to.

    1. You’ve heard someone say, “Sorry guys, can’t go out drinking tonight. I’m too busy doing my PMI to get promoted to sergeant in 18 months!”

    2. You’ve tried to impress girls at a bar with a story about how you facilitated a payment disbursement despite all the red tape “in country.”

    3. To you, sitting in a tent in the barracks parking lot is a field op.

    4. There’s at least one person in your unit who has read all the books on the commandant’s reading list.

    5. You’ve heard someone say: “Yeah, I wanted to go infantry, but my ASVAB was too high.”

    6. Even POGs play the “you’re so POG” card and no matter your job, there’s always a bigger POG. If you’re a truck driver, then public affairs is more POG. If you’re public affairs, then admin is more POG, and so on.

    7. Unit PT is not an everyday occurrence, and occasionally just means playing flag football.

    8. You know “that guy” who went on one convoy in an MRAP, and tells endless stories back home about his time “outside the wire.” If this doesn’t ring any bells, you might be “that guy.”

    9. In the eyes of the your staff noncommissioned officer or platoon sergeant, getting a low regulation haircut is the same as not getting one at all.

    10. You’ve been excited to eat an MRE.

    11. Of course you deserve a Navy Achievement Medal, aka a NAM, (or the Army or Air Force equivalent) for doing your job, don’t be silly.

    12. You know how to always ace field day inspection.

    13. People still think you are a war hero no matter what you actually did in Iraq and Afghanistan. … or Okinawa.

    14. You and your roommate have inspected each other’s uniforms before going to the chow hall for fear of getting chewed out by some sergeant hiding just inside the doorway. Also, you only have one roommate.

    15. You took a corporal’s course, got a new MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) belt, and completed a marathon, all while deployed to Afghanistan.

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    Hey, I resemble that remark!

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    You can't have a decent war without the Grunts. You can't have a war at all without the support troops.

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    This POG understands that the rank structure is set up for all personnel of whatever rank you are to receive the same pay, regardless of if you are a grunt or an office POG. Benifits are the same for all personnel. Some may get to sleep in a tent at night and others may have to sleep in a hole. One cannot function without the other.

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    I wasn't a pog; but I appreciated what they did. I was paid by a pog; a pog kept track of my benefits; a pog kept my medical records straight; and a pog compiled my discharge among other things.

    I support every mos in the Corps!


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    I always remind all those Ricky Recons.....that without our support element, we wouldn't last very long.

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    Every Marine -- POG or not -- is trained and expected to be qualified to be first loader on an M14 (M16, M4, M27, et al) bullet launcher at ANY time.

    Not all 03s (or 11B in the Army) were on the pointy end of the stick. I am in absolute awe of anyone that rates a CAR or CIB. POG or not. Truly.

    It is NOT my fault I have a 155 GCT. It was some POG's decision that I was assigned a technical MOS.

    "13. People still think you are a war hero no matter what you actually did in Iraq and Afghanistan. … or Okinawa."

    Remember, USMC grunts took Okinawa the hard way in WWII so we POGs could fix the grunt's commo safely in the rear with the gear during the war in Vietnam. I am sincerely grateful.

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    Ten Hut !

    You see them USMC colors uP there ? The next time you Youngbucks see 'em Crackin in the Wind w/Battle streamers on 'em the one w/Stars on it"PUC"a bunch of 'em makes a certain sound that once You hear it,Listen too it will have Your young A$$ Standing & Walkin' tall...once You hear it You'll never be the Same ! I Love the Corps and what She stands for always have always will Godspeed to All of ya till the End of time we are the Green Machine! Mess with the Best Die like the Rest.Semper Fidelis

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    The green machine; shortened from the Mean Green Killin Machine. I still like the longer version better Fist.

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