Clarification on MOS women cannot apply for
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    I'm looking for some clarification on what specific MOS' women are not allowed to apply for. I cannot find a clear answer from all of the information on the internet and have searched the forum but nothing. I am an OCC applicant, I have been selected for OCC 225 this upcoming spring and am researching possible MOS to apply for once in TBS. I am looking into 02XX but I am not getting clarification on which Intelligence Officer MOS women still cannot apply for.

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    As far as I know, all MOS's are now open to women to apply for. But, everyone (male and female) must pass the specific tests required to attain that MOS. For instance, Infantry Officer School to become an 0302, Artillery Officers School to become an 0802, etc. I thought officer's MOS's were assigned based on one's class ranking out of OCS (not something one applies for) but could be wrong.

    Check with your OSO. They probably know, or can find out.

    Good luck.

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