Questions about enlisting
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    Questions about enlisting

    I'm seriously considering joining the Marine Core. I'll give you guys a quick explanation on why I want to and why I've come here for some guidance. I've been doing a lot of research on the topic but I'm worried some choices I've made are going to hinder my ability to join.

    I'm 19, in my 3rd semester of college. In high school I was a 3 sport athlete (football, wrestling, baseball) 3.9 gpa, all that good stuff. I'm in good shape but I'm going to get in insanely good shape if I am able to join. I guess I should also say that I never thought I would actually be considering it this much, but it's always been in the back of my mind. I went to a private school for my first semester of college. Was on the football team, was getting decent grades. I ended up getting caught in a stupid situation where marijuana was involved. Got written up for it by campus police, no real police involvement. This was devastating for my football career as this type of action was very much frowned upon by the coaches a rightfully so. I ended up finishing the semester with pretty bad grades. Transferred to a tech school to pursue a similar major, but after 2 semesters here I know this is not right for me.
    I want to join because I want to serve my country. I want to be part of something great. I'm lacking structure and direction in my life, I feel that I could excel in the military. My cousin and uncle are both marines and I've always looked up to them and wondered what it would be like to hold the title.
    I got an 83 on the asvab in high school but I know I can get a better score and I'll have to retake it anyways.
    What I'm wondering about is will this marijuana incident show up on my background check? Since it was at a private college I'm hoping not. I realize this type of thing is not acceptable in the marine core. I also have a minor consumption on my record.
    I realize my choices might have ruined my chances. I am not a druggie by any means, and I'm coming into this with a clean heart and very motivated and focused. I feel that this is my calling. I am a natural leader and a great motivator to other people, I have references that would vouch for my character.
    Any and all advice/criticism is greatly appreciated

    thank you

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    No recruiters here. You need to go sit down with one, and tell them everything you've told us. They can tell you if the background check will show anything (since the police were never involved). And, the chances you'll need some type of waiver, or not.

    In the future, make sure you spell Marine Corps correctly if you want to be taken seriously. Specially when dealing with Marines. The word "Marine" is always capitalized when used in a sentence.

    Good luck.

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