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    Looking to get back in?

    Hi all,

    I got out of the Corps over 2 years ago due to a disability I received while in. I still have that disability and the 30% VA rating that came with it (heart condition and small fractured lower spine, I'm not missing any limbs or anything). I am currently almost 24 now. Is it possible for me to still go back in the Marines as prior service say in a few years or so? Anyone know the procedures or have any guidance? Thanks

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    In my opinion - "NO"...

    Honestly, the only way is to contact a Prior Service Recruiter and get the straight scoop..

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    Procedure is to contact a Prior Service Recruiter (your local Reserve Center will have their contact info). If you ever hear from them, you're doing better than most.

    Good luck Devil.

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    Thats gents. Didn't know if there was anything that would legally bar me sign I have a VA disability

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    Possible, but nobody here will know. You'll have to discuss with a PSR.

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    To the best of my knowledge this is truly on a case by case basis. I have known two Marines who have tried and they essentially gave up on the process due to slow wheels of progress long before they were officially denied. Good Luck Devil Dog

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