Proud New Marine Dad
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    Proud New Marine Dad

    My son graduated from MCRD San Diego a mere 2 weeks ago. Ever since he was 3 years old, he has always said he was going to be a Marine. It sure was a proud moment to see him on the parade deck!

    One question I do have, if I may post it here, is that my wife and I would like to show our pride and support for our son. However, in wearing USMC clothing that doesn't say "Proud Parent", I don't want to offend a Marine who actually has served by making them think that I have also served. Falsely representing ones self as a member of the armed services is something that I take very seriously.

    So, I guess I'm just looking to get a feeling of what active and retired Marines think. Am I being too sensitive about all of this, or is the concern and respect appreciated?

    Semper Fi, Marine family!

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    Welcome aboard jluna,

    Congratulations to your son for earning the title of Marine, and congratulations to you for having a son...

    As to wearing things that say "MARINE", it's the sincerest form of adulation that others wear what few are, and many aspire to be...

    Marine's will never take offense of anyone wearing things of that nature, we do however draw the line at actual Uniform articles, medal's and such.

    Again, Welcome aboard.


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    I agree with FO on this, If the Corps were to have a problem with wearing sweats shirts or covers they would not have allowed them to be made and put out for sale, the only thing is that if some one says to you while wearing the clothing, "Simper Fi." just let them know that you were not a Marine but that you are a proud parent of a Marine, that way there will not be any offence or misunderstanding..

    Congrats on you Son earning the Tittle.. Marine..

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    Be prepared, if you decide to wear USMC garments, to field questions from actual Marines such as "when were you in, who were you with, where were you stationed". Jarheads love meeting other jarheads, and if I think you might be one because of that snazzy t-shirt you've got on, I'm probably gonna approach you and ask. Once you explain that it's your boy, not you who's one of uncle sams misguided children, you'll get some good stories and conversations out of the deal most likely. Congrats to your kid. Hope it's all he wants it to be.

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    Congratulations to your son on earning the title; and to your wife and you on raising a son who now owns a title not bestowed on everyone. A United States Marine! As the others have said; make sure that you clarify, that you was not a Marine, but that you are a proud Parent of one!


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    Thank you to everyone for your replies - and an extra special thank you to those of you who have served, paving the way for my son to do the same.

    Stolen Valor is something that, even before my son became a Marine, was something that greatly offended me. So, no worries about anyone in this family wearing anything on FoxtrotOscar's list.

    Thanks again, everyone.

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    You can go to Sgt and order shirts, etc., that say Proud Parent of a Marine; or some such phrase; and other garments that are nice to wear to show your support.

    Congrats to you and your son.

    Oh yeah, you can order a K-Bar and gift it to your son. Every Marine needs at least one K-Bar.

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    Sorry but I have to say this and I surely mean no disrespect to the parents of our brothers. But I was just thinking about the Hog Board on the Island. Nothing was sexier than a girlfriend up there with a torn Marine Corps t shirt on. lol

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