Service connection for Gulf War Illness
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    Service connection for Gulf War Illness

    I was deployed to Iraq (fallujah) in 2006. Im always fatiuged and i believe thats one of the symptoms of the Gulf War Illness. I am SC for PTSD, Migraines and TBI. Do OIF/OEF vets qualify? The only reason im asking is because i heard we do. Thanks all, S/F

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    When dealing w/pencil whippers The wheel that makes the most noise gets the grease ! GoodLuck too You Marine Welcome Home and I truly mean it Go Easy S/F Adios

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    When you are filing try to get someone like a sevice officer to help you alot of people tell me that and also make sure you hold on to all your papers,Good luck my brother, I have been trying since 1994 but it is my imagination and was a smoker so that is why I didnt get anything,but I got disability from Social Security.
    Semper Fi my brother and again goodluck.

    Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF

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