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    Scout sniper info

    I was needing information on scout sniper school I'm curentley a PFC in SOI and my biggest ambition is to be a scout sniper I understand they mostly do recon but I still have the interest. I shot expert on the range and I have a good swim qual with a first class PFT the only problem is I have a low ft score I was wondering what I need to do to get in and pass the Indic I will do anything it takes no matter the difficulty I won't except no for an answer that's just my method to things I was just wondering the fastest way to get into scout sniper school and any pointers and tips thank you so much for the information.

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    Read the similar threads under your question. And, try a GOOGLE search "USMC SCOUT SNIPER".

    Good luck Devil.

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    Best Marine to answer this is Mitch...( Hammer3 ). I'll give him a heads up for you.

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    First things first Skyler. Unless things have changed; the first two digits of your MOS has to be 03 and you have to be a Lance Corporal to apply. While marksmanship is important; your mental capabilities and abilities are just as important, and in many cases more important. The attrition rate of candidates who fail the course is over 60%.

    A question I would like for you to answer is why do you want to be a Marine scout Sniper?


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