Would love to hear opinions about "Full Metal Jacket"
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    Would love to hear opinions about "Full Metal Jacket"

    I've never seen it, but I need to. I was watching some clips on YouTube last night. I knew that "Full Metal Jacket" had the famous R. Lee Ermey monologue, but I did not know that it had the scene with the recruit in the bathroom. I thought that was "Platoon," which I also have to see.

    I wondered what you all thought of "Full Metal Jacket" (and "Platoon").

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    Overall good movie, recruit part was the most interesting part of the movie. Interesting your brought up the "Bathroom" scene..

    Next time you watch the movie, look very carefully at the M14 Pyle shoots himself with....the safety is ON.

    I have shot with Lee at Perry couple times, told him what I saw in the scene, he got back with me later.....reply was "Jesus H Christ" typical Lee....

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    Have only seen it once,it was entertaining since it was the Thumping Third Boot camp scenes gave me a wee bit of a rise,the Nam scenes where Joker & Animal mutha had their eXchange in Hue city,the 34 coming in for a dust off had a special meaning for myself especially w/the songs playing in the background...must admit was thinking about my Grunt brother Russ during the Hue City part of the flick...Guess I could pick the flick apart but hey like I said it was entertainment ! Aye Aye Semper Fi

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    It was/is possible to have live rounds for your rifle in bootcamp - but rarely. On the range, you're "supposed" to deposit any left over ammo in the amnesty boxes behind the firing lines. If one wanted to, they could always just hide it somewhere instead and take the chance of getting caught later. Otherwise, I don't know of any other way for a recruit to get their hands on a live round.

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    I have seen them crank one off on the snapping in barrel. Just lucky nobody got hit.

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    True. Not easy for a recruit to have a round, and not easy to have a RIFLE ready to be used.....another point is this. DIs notice EVERYTHING. There are at least 3 per platoon of 80 or so and here is Pyle, obviously going thru stages of losing it, day after day, and no DI notices until too late? Nope, not the way it works. They would notice someone gradually going off the deep end, right away, and send him or her to see someone. If they notice someone slowly scratching a sand flea off their body, don't you think they'd notice an increasingly surly and disturbed recruit?

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    To qualify my statement, at least in the movie, Pyle was obviously becoming more and more disturbed. The DIs aren't mind readers so non-obvious things might not be noticed, but the way Pyle was behaving would have been noticed.

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    Yeah, as Jack said the "Thumping Third." I though the movie was pretty interesting and accurate regarding the "games" that were played in the 3rd batt. The main difference to me though was just imagine instead of them showing just the one DI, we had 5 just like him, bunch of mean MF's that hated all of us. Jan - Mar 67 PI was pumping out Marines every 8 weeks like there was no tomorrow, and we all knew beyond a doubt where we were going.

    The scenes of Hue were very "quiet" compared to my memories, the noise was deafening most of the time. And they didn't show the cold assed rain where we slept where we laid. And the suffocating smells from all the bodies, and the flies - you ain't never seen flies like we had there. I still can't handle smells to this day.

    The movie was all about the south part of the city south of the river, they were the 2/5 and the 1/1 that went in there. I went into the north part of the city just before Valentines Day with the 1/5 and there weren't many film crews in there with us. Talk about a free fire zone. We even had the mess cooks and Remington raiders on line as replacements as we lost a lot of good people.

    The movie was good, but the best summation of Hue that I ever heard was what a Marine in the 2/5 said to a correspondent, in a video I saw, while they were still engaged with the NVA. He said "the MC looked at us as batteries, they just used us up and then tossed us away." Very accurate as to the way it was.

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    Well Russ...that's what we got the big bucks for.....to be used and discarded.

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    One thing about those Marine Corps batteries is "They keep coming and coming and coming"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Marine View Post
    One thing about those Marine Corps batteries is "They keep coming and coming and coming"
    Attacking may be a better word than coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Marine View Post
    One thing about those Marine Corps batteries is "They keep coming and coming and coming"
    Only when on libbo, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Marine View Post
    Attacking may be a better word than coming.
    To straighten out this slight misunderstanding let me explain;

    Papason's = Marines Attack
    Mammason's = Marines Come

    I hope that everyone understands now, remember our motto, "Life Takers and Heart Breakers."

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    I love that movie, but was on the Island in 87. My experience was a little more like Jarhead. My senior was as bad as Hartman on FMJ though. Hardest Marine I ever knew. The thing I think that movie and all Marine Corps movies miss is the yellow footprints. That's what sticks in my mind still.

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