Former MARINE, Recruit father
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    Former MARINE, Recruit father

    Fellow leatherneck here with a question. It's been a few years since I signed my contract, but I am confused on my Son's contract. He wants the 1300 field, specifically combat engineer of course. The recruiter drew up his contract and has 1300 and 2100 as the possible MOS choice. He is telling my son that in order to get combat engineer he has to have 2100 on there too because its part of that field. Well I know it isn't the same field, and it seems funny that last weekend another recruiter during a poolee function was pushing 2100 on him as well. It seems to me that they may just need 2100 field bodies. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Should he have two MOS selections on his contract? My fellow devil dog recruiter is kind of giving me the run around on it.

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    I believe recruits sign up for a Program Enlisted For (PEF) which has a two letter code rather than an occupational field with a number code. I found the FY16 Enlistment Incentive Programs MarAdmin at It does say that as of 1 Jan the CX contract which includes 1371 also includes 2131, 2141, 2146, and 2147.

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    Big difference between Engineers and Cannon Cockers. Do more research on this one. Since you're a Marine, you're familiar with the bait and switch routine.

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