workout plans to prepare for bootcamp
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    workout plans to prepare for bootcamp

    i am 6ft 135lbs and I currently do 250 pushups a day. 10 sets of 25. I would estimate within an hour. Resting in between sets not sure for how long. Switching between normal,wide,and diamond grip. After this i do the same but decline sets with feet on chair and incline with hands on bench and ending with a normal grip bringing legs to chest alternating legs. I also do 100 crunches with my legs on bench. then ill wait a few hours and do as many pull ups as i can 3 or more times. first (10) and then again getting 7 and again getting less as i go. I don't really do squats very often but some days ill do 50. i don't run at all although I know i should because it seems like I am held back by poor cardio. I cant breathe past 25 pushups. maybe im not breathing correctly but it seems like i could do more. my legs seem to be the weak link I am starting to look like meme on facebook of a guy that skipped leg day. i was just wondering if anyone had some advice on leg workouts and cardio or a workout that works good for you. Is this a good start? im headed to meps on the 26th about 10 days from now and expect bootcamp in February hoping for aircraft mechanic.Thank you in advance for any input much respect Marines.

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    GOOGLE "how to prepare physically for Marine Corps bootcamp". Lots of good info there.

    Also. Once you join your Delayed Entry Program (DEP) after MEPS, your recruiters will be handling your organized physical training (PT). They will tell you what you need to do to improve any weak areas. In order to ship to bootcamp, you'll be required to pass an Initial Strength Test (IST) involving pull-ups, crunches, and a 1.5 mile timed run.

    Good luck.

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    The Top is right. Also, You need to start running - and I'd advise that you work running staircases into your workout as well. Alternate your runs to vary them - 100yard sprints, 1.5 miles, stairs -start building up your cardio and endurance. Also, start doing pull-ups. You can model your pull up routine after your push up routine. You need to make sure that you fitness (and your workouts) are balanced.

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    ^^^balanced, and not too vigorous so as to avoid overuse injuries (which will only stop your training and set you back further).

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    Heres a work out plan, just work out. You arent going to game the system they are going to get theirs one way or the other.

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