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    I must say the Iwakuni was a great time for me being with 1st MAW.Motor T.was able to see allot of mainland on weekends..Went on several day trips to Hiroshima and other nice little trips..

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    Well I loved 29 Palms but of course that was in the mid 70's. I cant say that I would care for the growth of today.

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    Daveh48, I also enjoyed My Years in 29 palms in the 80's. But when My Son was stationed there 2013 - 2016 and We would go done to visit Him and His Family they seems to have a lot of crime in base Housing. Times do change... S/F

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    MCAS Yuma- good chow, not as good as 29 imo. wouldn't want to be stationed there
    MCAS Miramar- never been but my recruiter says it's awesome
    MCAS Cherry Point- here for a year (MWSS). Literally the best thing about being here is that I live on the east coast so I can drive home for leave but it's still a 12 hr drive.

    I'd rather be at Miramar. SoCal wasn't that great when I was at 29 but it was fun to explore.

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    MCAS El Toro was the crown jewel of the Corps!

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    30 years in the Marine Corps and not a single day in the wing.

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    You missed out SgtMaj USMC Ret.

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    MCAS El Toro VMFAT-101 ( oops, showing my age ) before Vietnam, VMA(AW)-242 after Vietnam.

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    State side, I would have to say LTA and El Toro. Overseas, Cubi Point Philippines although I was only there for 17 days.

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    Miramar was always good to me. Small-ish but in a good location, not too close to SD proper yet easily accessible for libo.

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    I am a Comm Center Marine and not aviation, but I served with HQ 1st MAW in Danang, Station Comm Center MCAS Beufort, SC, MAG 32 Message Center, and Station Comm Center MCAS Cherry Point NC. I stood many a squadron duty officer since pilots didn't stand duty and SNCO stood in their stead.

    My favorite was MAG 32 in Beaufort around 1972-73 time frame

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    That is (was) Marble Mtn Air Facility RVN Home of Mag-16 and my home for a year.

    From pics off the web: in 1999, it looked like this, but from what I understand, even the old wonder arches are now gone and a luxury hotel sits there.

    Click image for larger version

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