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    Remembering my husband who died in 1998 of complications due to exposure of Agent Orange. He was a Marine in Vietnam in the mid-1960s. I still have a lot of photos that he brought back from Vietnam. I will always miss him. Thank you for this site.

    Dee Neese

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    Sorry for your loss Honey. I hope you are doing well. Many of us here have AO as well. Who was he with by the way.

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    She probibly only posts once a year -

    She probibly only posts and doesn't think
    any of us read it or give it a thought.

    Here's to him-
    here's to her

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    I found this in the package of military records from the government, a letter Gene had written about his time in the Marines.

    "I landed in South Viet Nam around the 4th of July 1965 with headquarters Batter, 2Bn. 12th Marines. I was transferred to Foxtrot Battery 2Bn 12th Marines around Sept. 1 1965. I was placed on a Forward Observer Team and was attached to india Co. 3-9 at DaNang Airfield around the latter part of the month I was attached to Alpha Co 1-9 until the 1st of Oct. when I was transferred back to India Co 3-9. I was with India Co 3-9 until Christmas of 1965, when I went to R&R to Okinawa. Back to Viet nam i was attached to Mike Company 3-3 and was there until my rotation back to the states in March of 1966. Eugene Lee Neese, Jr.

    Yes it's true, I don't post that often, but I'm thankful that the site exists for all those who use the site often.

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    Sweetie, don't worry about Ed........he has a good heart, but a foggy brain.

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    She posted earlier-
    Russ asked her a question-
    I clicked this so "Advanced" could see who she had posted about earlier.

    you $illy$hit- you didn't even know there was a
    MarineCorps OR a place called Vietnam in 1965-

    you were busy playing with that "TexasPocketToy"

    What DeeDee doesn't realize -
    all that movement
    in and around Danang at the time.
    Marine Corps wise was spread all
    over the I- corps area,
    in little patches.

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    I did know Ed.....I had a brother serving in Nam at that time, with the 11th Armored Calvary. I wasn't playing with a pocket toy....I was working in the oil fields. My mother was no where to be found and my step father had died. I roughnecked on drilling rigs to support myself and my little sister, until she finished high school and got married. I guess you could say...I was playing grown-up.

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    I guess those are another couple reasons
    WHY we love you - "BillyMongoose"

    You're so much more than just another

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    Much more Ed.

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    You two are a hoot.....

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    Billy, when are you going to stop photo shopping your head on my great body? I'm just glad I'm wearing shorts in that picture or everyone would be doing it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    Much more Ed.

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    Here's why Russ.....I took your head off so people would actually look at your great body, without laughing.I'll put it back if you really want me too.

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    Now that wasn't nice, you know damn well that I've had 2 of those tooth's fixed or removed since then. But like everybody always says, with a nose like mine to sees the tooth's anyway.

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    Jack, just go away. I'm being nice.

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    I might of the nicest *******s I know.

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