Odd PS Question for USMC Ball.
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    Question Odd PS Question for USMC Ball.

    Good morning all,

    I am a 0351 (E-3) reservist with 8 years of prior service active duty USCG (E-5). With the USMC ball coming up I have been getting a lot of strange requests from my peers.

    Everyone in my Assault section, and a few of the Weapon's Plt SGTs all want me to attend the USMC Ball in my USCG Dress Blues. I can only guess the reason is they want to see the uniform, all my prior awards, flight wings, and my old rate (E-5).

    I can't say that I particularly feel good about this request. First I can't imagine it is authorized since I am still currently serving in the USMC. Second, while my platoon may want to see me in my old uniform, I feel like even if it is authorized others would find it disrespectful and it would upset some.

    Personally I am very proud of both my services, however wearing my USCG Blues while currently in the USMC just does not sit right with me...

    Ideas, suggestions?

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    Your current ACTIVE service is Marine Corps, thus your current uniform of the day is Marine Corps..

    I would check however with someone in Admin to see what you may wear on your Marine uniform from your time in the CG, Ribbons, devices...!!

    I think someone is jerking your chain about appearing in a CG Uniform....

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    Only two of my 9 ribbons transferred and neither did the wings. I figure a good compromise would be to take a picture of myself in USCG Dress Blues and just show them that if they ask.

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    Really? You are a Marine. Marines wear Marine Corps uniforms (specially to their birthday celebration). End of discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennessee Top View Post
    Really? You are a Marine. Marines wear Marine Corps uniforms (specially to their birthday celebration). End of discussion.
    I agree, only reason I brought the question here was because of the surprising number of Marines that actually asked me to do it. They will have to be content with just a picture.

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    Just wait until they send you looking for squeegee sharpeners and bucket stretchers...!!!

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    I enlisted in the Michigan Air National Guard after seven years of USMC service (six active, one reserve). I periodically attended the Detroit Recruiting Station Ball as I knew recruiters from my civilian police job, and I always wore my Air Force uniform since it was my current branch at the time. The odd looks usually stopped when they saw my USMC Good Conduct ribbon and the CAR. Good times were then had by all.

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