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    Mostly sunny and 95, heat index of 103.

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    Afternoon all we have 84º and the high for today will be 92º.. Hope you had a good weekend and a good short week ahead of you.
    Semper Fi to all

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    Another 4-H day … Hot, hazy, humid, and ho-boy!

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    Hope everyone is well and doing fine we have 83º and that's our high for today...

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    Good morning all, It's 81º outside and we have clear skies with little wind so far.. High today should reach 92º with a 20% of rain..
    Have a nice day..

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    Mostly sunny and 95, heat index of 107 with heavy down pours and lightning this afternoon ...

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    Good Morning everyone and I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy 4th of July day..
    right now we have 68º with clear skies and the high for today should reach 98º

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    Cut the grass today ...

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    Afternoon all, we have 81º and light winds and over cast skies..
    Have a great 4th of July Weekend..

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    It's comfortable today 87º and not as hot and humid as it was yesterday..Right now we have overcast skies and light wind .. Hope everyone has a great day...

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    Spread fertilizer and bug killer today ...

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    Afternoon all, it's a comfortable 78º and we have Partly cloudy skies and light blowing so far..Calling for a high of 89º today with a 20% chance of rain ...

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    Well Good Morning all,we have 83º and our high today should reach 94º with some light wind also..Time for some morning coffee and news..

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    Sunny and 86 today ...

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    Afternoon all , it's 91º and light wind and sunny skies overhead.. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND...

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