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    Had our first rain in almost three weeks ...

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    Afternoon all, 81 and some clods moving in and the wind is picking up now 40% chance of rain and some storms..

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    Replaced an outdoor security light ...

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    Well we reached 85 and now clouds are moving in and looks like Trouble ahead.

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    Cut the grass this morning ...

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    Afternoon all, 75 and we should reach 88 later...
    Right now we have clear skies and light wind..

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    Sun shine and feeling fine , hit it dawn..
    Well it's not that early but close enough for me and the woman I see...
    We have 82 and a chance for showers later this afternoon..
    High today should reach 88...

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    Cloudy and 86 today ...

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    Well afternoon all, it's 71 and should reach 80.
    We have cloudy skies and very light wind so far....

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    Cloudy and 88, heat index of 95 ...

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    Well Good afternoon it's partly cloudy with a chance of showers later to night...
    WE have 85 and should be the high for today...
    Had to rise and shine cause had to get ready for our Beef Empire Day Parade and had to be there by 7 AM we finished with our part about 10 AM and man our me feet tired this afternoon...

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    Well it turn out to be rainy in the morning and sunny this afternoon 71

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    Rain, rain, and more rain ...

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    Good afternoon everyone it's 71 with mostly clear skies and no wind as of yet...
    Had my Morning coffee and breakfast and now I'm ready for today life lesson..

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    Cloudy, rain, and 72 today ...

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