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    It's 0630AM and 47 with a high of 78 with windy conditions toady.. Have a great Weekend all..

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    Found the leak in my water main after digging up my front yard for the past week ...

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    Well it's nice right now with a temp of 68 and their saying could rain tonight and that should help with the crops.. Overnight low of 48 . Have a nice day all..

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    Fixed the leak in the water main. Saved $$$ by doing it myself. Took a lot of digging to find the leak though … Back hurts ...

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    Well Monday starts off great for me here in S.W. Kansas..
    Right now we have 64 and the high of 80 for today with clear skies and light winds so far..
    Have a great week...

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    Happy Two for Tuesday day for all... Right now we have 71 and it's suppose to hit 82..
    Went for a ride yesterday on the bike and had a good time with my better half with me...
    Have a good day we'll see you tomorrow..

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    Breezy and 74 today ...

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    Well today was a big game changer went from 82 today now down to 56 with a chance of snow to come in to lave us with a trace to 2 inches..
    We'll see in the morning LOL...

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    Well it did snow last night ,but it only got a trace enough to make the ground look nice right now we have 40 and high winds,winds are around 30 to 45 MPH Big change from yesterday that's for sure..

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    Sunny and 74 today … Cut the grass.

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    Woke up today to clear skies and 48,today high reached 70 and right now we are at 52...

    We had light wind also today and made it a really nice day..

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    Afternoon all, it's 71 and is to reach 85 today Calm winds and overcast skies today...
    for what it's worth is seems like there is only two members that post on this thread Me and Kegler300..
    FYI We don't have cooties LOL

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    Sunny, breezy and 73 today ...

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    Afternoon all, I been busy this day went and had my motorcycle serviced out and I'm ready for some riding around the country...
    Right we have 78 and it should reach 85 today, right now we have sunny skies and it's nice too..

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    Sunny and 81 today ...

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