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    Weeded flower beds and vegetable garden ...

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    Well it's warmer today than in the past week right now we have 52 mostly clear skies and light wind...Thank for the Birthday wishes guys...

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    Cloudy and 60 with heavy rain this evening ...

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    We have 51 and I betting it's colder than that. overnight low should reach 28 with warm temps this week..

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    Getting a couple inches of Snow tonight, oh gee.

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    Good afternoon everyone it's 52 and clear skies and the snow is almost gone just a little snow wind to speak of and the weather for S.W. Kansas

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    Afternoon all, We have 43 and we expect to hit 48 with clear skies and very light wind so far...Hope you have a great day..

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    Pressured washed my house ...

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    Good afternoon everyone and right now we have a temp of 44 and mostly clear skies with very light winds for S.W. Kansas. Hope your Hump day goes well...

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    A cool 52 today dropping down into the 20s overnight...

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    Afternoon all, Right now we have 50 and mainly clear skies with no wind here today with a chance of snow showers moving in Late tonight and for Saturday also.
    Have a great day and drive safe..

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    Sunny and 42 today, dark and 29 now.

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    Good Friday Afternoon all hope your day goes well along with the weekend..
    Right now we have 36 outside with cloudy skies and some rain that will turn to snow later today..
    Have a great weekend all....

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    Cold and wet ...

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    Well for today it's cloudy cold and no wind.. right we have 29 with our high met will sink down into the twenties tonight..

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