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    My Son was lucky ,His part of Base Housing got little damage .

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    My Son was lucky ,His part of Base Housing got little damage .

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    Sorry about double posting

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    Weather is nice today sunny skies and light wind and the temp is 37 and should reach 61 today...

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    Sunny and 52 today … Dropping down into the 30s overnight.

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    Weather is nice and the temps are fine also right now we have 55 and chance of snow tonight and Sunday ,, Will see how much we will get...

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    Sunny,windy,and cool .

    It's 47 and the high 49 to 50 .

    Have a great and safe week..

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    Dropping down into the 20s the next two nights ...

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    Right now we have 31 with partly cloudy skies and light North winds. High of 35 is what there calling for, for today...

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    Well good evening all. today was very chilly and the high was only 44 and right now we are at 25.. Good night all

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    Chilly tonight and Snowing

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    Cold and dropping down into the 20s overnight ...

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    36 and that's are high for today and the overnight low will drop to 18..
    Hope everyone has a great day and the rest of the evening ...

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    Cloudy and cold. The only thing I like about Winter is not having to do yard work.

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    Afternoon all, 39 and that's are high for today at least no snow and or rain. Sunny skies and slight wind blowing..
    Over night low of 19 for tonight.. Have a great weekend all...

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