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    Cloudy and 71 with scattered rain showers … Dropping down to the upper 40s overnight.

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    Clear cool 40's night ,lots of stars out. How did the Ribs turn out ?

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    Something came up, so I'm going to grill ribs next weekend.

    Dropping down into the upper 30s tonight ...

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    You .had My mouth watering for them .LOL

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    Hello Marines , 51 degrees here in the Bronx,just checking to say HOWDY -from Bronx New York,where Hurricanes just fizzle out.We get Nor-Easters--Strong Winds-Cold Rain-leave the umbrella home;cause it will break in a minute. Glad your heart is Stronger WildBill ,see if you can get monitored Cardiac Rehab-this will make you Stronger,just say'in...Maybe I did play the Bass a few years ago..Just bought a Tascam- digital 4 trac fool around with..Life is Okay..So,I set up the DAV Meeting Last Saturday with my two Buddies..A Good Marine-and a Lifer Army Helicopter Mechanic..Good People-Bob Dolan-was there,you might remember him if you received compinsation during the 60's,70's,and 80's-he signed the Award letters for Compensaton.Now he runs the DSO-American Disabled Veterans-Training and Performance program...Remember -I always say -No Good Turn Goe's Unpunished; - 3 years -Volunteering ,no pay,no free lunch,-There are two other GOOD GUYS who do Claims.....there ,and the Treasurer, who makes appointments,signs people up for Our Chapter 23-Da Bronx...and makes telephone calls Validate the appointment.Also we,have a person that works with the Motor Pool to pick up Veterans that are Infirmed. One room seems Small with 6 workers and the Veterans coming in...Freedom is good to have.I am not bragging here-I Was Good-they took a big hit..One Door Closes and another one Opens-just Make Sure there is Terra Ferma under your feet.Me to-Getten on now-Hope to be on more now-I hope..NCIS is pretty good this year..that Bishop is looking better and better..Everybody if ,I did not Greet you Personally-those I know-but take it as a Given.....God Bless Everyone-Be Safe-and Watch Out for those American Commies,that have Infiltrated Our Government-and Gave All Our Security Away to Our Enimies.....BEE AWARE-SEMPER FI FOREVER.

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    Disaster trash removal trucks finally came through the neighborhood removing all of the trash and downed trees from Hurricane Florence.

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    Good evening everybody, We have 45 and no wind to speak of and the high was 70..With clear skies overhead..

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    Great Weekend off ,started with a drive in the Mountain's looking at all the Fall colors ,while driving on a twisting road .LOL And pumpkin farm with the Kids and Grandkids.

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    No ,but it's a legal patch

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    Afternoon everyone , it Happy Halloween and I'm ready.
    Got the candy and if they don't come to get it that means more for me and the wife...
    Right now we have 47 and a high may make it to 53...

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    The wife and I voted today ...

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    Same here, wife and I got our vote in and as of 7:30PM CST tonight watching the results on Fox.

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    I voted also and so did my wife. We still hope things will change for the better but since the Democrats have the house we aren't going to see anything like working together.
    Right now 34 may reach 37 and the snow is coming tonight and over night low of 22 Cold.. stay warm everyone...

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    Looks like democrats are trying to steal election results in Arizona and Florida ...

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