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    Nice cool Fall weather tonight low 50's.

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    Washed my truck and the wife's car this morning ...

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    Afternoon all , it's 94 and tonight a cold front moves in and we will only see a high around 70 if we are lucky...Have my wound Vac. off and I'm feeling good now ..
    Thank for your prayers and well wishes ...


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    It's recycle pick-up day ...

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    Afternoon all,from 90 to 49 yesterday and then back to 90..
    No wonder we get sick..
    Have great weekend all...

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    Sunny and 92 with a heat index of 100 … I thought it was Fall ...

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    Like a yo yo the weather is up ,down ,up ,down ....
    high for today 51 and a overnight low in the low 40's..
    Hope your weekend is doing well for you....

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    Cloudy, low 80s with a few spotty showers this afternoon.

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    Well it's finely raining here and we need the rain and right now we have 49 and no wind so far..
    Have a nice day all

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    Partly cloudy and 87 … Mowed the lawn.

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    Afternoon all, it's cloudy ,and raining here in S.W. Kansas,and we need the rain we have got 1 1/2 inches in the past two days.
    Hope everyone has a good week.. right now we have a temp of 48 and with the high of 70 maybe today...

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    Went grocery shopping this afternoon ...

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    Well right now we have 43 with windy condition outside ,the over night low should get close to 31 so the plants need to be covered.. That the weather from here...

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    Afternoon everyone right now we have 45 and expected to reach 54 yea right...
    for all who live down south hope you fared well with the hurricane...

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    Outer rain bands from Hurricane Michael have reached here ...

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