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    Mostly cloudy, hot and humid, with a brief down pour this afternoon.

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    Hey Kegler how much rain have you had this month ??

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    Not much rain this month so far, but it rained almost every day in July and August.

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    We have 72 and that's our high for today..cloudy and it's starting to clear up and the sun is going to shine maybe..

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    Starting Hurricane prep … Looks like Hurricane Florence may make a direct hit here as a Cat IV or strong Cat III. I live 10 miles from the coast.

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    I hope you survive this Kegler stay safe...

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    A couple of my friends are going to evacuate if it's Cat IV I plan to stay and ride it out. Been through many hurricanes here the past 30 years, but the strongest was a Cat III that did major damage here. I can only imagine what a Cat IV will do ...

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    Good luck Keg. I live in Florida so I well understand what is going on. I stay prepped all year around for this stuff, so usually I only have a few minor things to do like top off my spare radio batteries, my battery banks, and bring in the balcony furniture. Luckily for us, and bad for you, Florence isn't coming to visit here it seems.

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    A big thumbs up on the hot coffee!

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    Had my coffee this morning and closed out the day with a Diet Cola. Good luck Kegler and stay safe..

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    Gonna start boarding up tomorrow ...

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    Afternoon all it's 86 and we have light winds so far and Partly cloudy skies..

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    Survived Hurricane Florence!

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    Morning all it's 69 and we have clear skies and the high today should reach 96 .

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