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    Afternoon all, had another 1" of rain and the high today will only reach about 78 and a chance of more rain tonight..

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    Rained almost all day … Have had rain 19 days this month.

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    Warmer today up to a scorching 77 and clear skies overhead last night it didn't rain but I was hoping it would...

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    Rained again this morning, but the sun came out this afternoon and it is hot and humid!

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    Humidity today is 90% and the temp is 69 with clear skies and calm winds so far..
    High today 89..

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    Spread weed n' feed and bug killer on the lawn this afternoon ...

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    Daylight is burning out here in Arizona it’s beautiful 83above gonna Top out at 107 no Biggy some of Us have been in WESPAC LoL I read “Bury Me with Soldiers” a poem that really Inspired me this A M...So I’m gonna keep Humping...Godspeed to yah Go Easy

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    More rain today ...

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    Good Morning, This week I will under go my surgery to replace my valves that need to be replaced..Like that old car I need a valve job Hahaaha..
    partly cloudy outside winds from the south at 10 to 15 mph and the temp is 74..
    Later Brothers..

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    Good luck Bill!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kegler300 View Post
    Good luck Bill!

    Thanks allot and I mean that...

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    Reporting back in this Morning, been crazy summer with two car trips to pick and drop off two of the eight Grandkids in Camp Lejeune , all 8 Grandkids at one time is something I would not want to do ALL the time... But the drive was wonderful.

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    How'd you like the weather here at Camp Lejeune when you were here?

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    Don't visit this thread often; but I see where Bill is having surgery! Good luck to you and God Bless! Prayers outbound!


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    The weather was wet, but still better than New Years while there We had an Ice storm an lost power for 2 days.

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