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    waz too early first trip thru
    here this morning-poor mongoosebilly
    hadn't posted any new pictures of his
    FINE-lookin' Sistahas...
    here tiz - nice newengland afternoon
    w/temps around 75- sun shinin' and a mild breeze from the ocean....

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    Sunny, 88 with a heat index of 98 ...

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    93º for the high and clear skies overhead. Now we have 86º with clear skies also. and the wind is a blowing..

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    Sunny and 87 ...

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    Frigging hot today 100º and right now we have 95º and clear skies and some wind from the south about 25 to 35 mph..

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    Good afternoon all,
    it's 90º and should reach 103º this afternoon...
    Have a great week all..

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    Hot a humid ...

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    Installed two 70 gallon rain barrels, had a hellacious rain storm this afternoon that filled the barrels to overflowing ...

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    This site is great - Ain't it .....
    Swingin' thru sometimes reminds yah
    of things , places, people, and events in the past.

    Yesterday i waz thinkin of my first wife-
    she died eatin' poison mushrooms....

    then, yesterday - a little later -
    got to thinkin' about my second wife.
    She don't like mushrooms.......

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