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    Yesterday, 05:36 PM #1005 Kegler300

    Rain, rain, and more rain ...

    YahBUTT !!
    you ain't gotta shovel rain

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    More rain today ...

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    Afternoon all, right now we have 82 and a high of 89 for today a new record could be set today..
    Took the Bike out and rode it today and had a blast..
    enjoy the week guys..

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    Pruned the fruit trees ...

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    Marine Free Member FistFu68's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Don’t know what the temp is nor the time but it’s hot as hell for me right now I slipped getting outta the tub and crushed my big brass balls and sure as chit don’t want any JaVa right now

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    Good morning all, Took a ride yesterday and I will again today..
    Temperature right now is 52 on the way to 92 maybe a record high today..
    Have a great Thursday all..

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    Sunny and 72 today ...

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    Morning all, 48 high 51 a clod day for today unlike yesterday when we had 92...
    Windy and chance for snow or maybe a blizzard maybe..
    There calling for blizzard conditions north of us, so we could get some...
    Have a good day folks..

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    Sunny and 77 today ...

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    Marine Family Free Member Mistybluelady's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Full on ice storm here in Ontario since Friday... today was a hard drive in to work, probably will have to sleep at work tonight as Im sure my road at home will be under ice with all the water and freezing.. not a bad deal though, peace and quiet here as apposed to fighting kids and hubby at home...
    Keep safe and dry out there.

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    Cloudy, windy, and 64 today.

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    Afternoon all, it's 91 outside and windy as Heck !!! winds are from the south at 25 to 35 mph..
    So far we have clear skies and it's windy but it's still a nice day to be alive...

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    Sunny and 64 today ... 84 tomorrow.

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    Good afternoon all, it's 61 with winds from the north around 30 to 35 mph with gust to 40 mph..
    Hope you have a fine day and take care..

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    Sunny and 83 today, so I washed the truck.

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