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    Back on another hurricane watch ...

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    Hurricane Maria, currently a Cat V, with a trajectory towards the Carolinas.

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    I think the Good Lord is pizzed at us.....

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    First snow yesterday at about the 3400' level....!!!

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    MD, near DC
    UA for a couple of weeks, or was I on special orders? I'll never tell!

    Coffee's hot, contractors are finishing the bathroom renovation today (looking good - we're going to have a happy teenager since it's really her br) and work is keeping me running.

    No hurricanes here, just the political wind(bags) that we always have.

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    Afternoon everyone 72ļ with clear skies and some wind blowing around w/s/w @ 8 mph..

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    Got a root canal today ... go in for the crown next week.

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    You will then be king of Your castle ...

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    I already have three other kingdoms ...


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    Well, aint been on much, have had alot going on. As I said, we have the grand baby full time along with his momma. Her side of the family has left her alone up to last week and now they are starting to act up again. We retained a attorney so until they try something real stupid we are holding off, and yes, I have known this attorney for 24 yrs and if you want someone who will play dirty you hire him. But been over a month now and they have never asked how the baby is doing.
    And yes, baby bear is doing fine, he has already grown 2 inches and gained over 3 lbs. And he is happy. And his momma is doing fine also, I think for the first time in her life she has people who actually care about her. Resized_20170905_084517.jpg

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    What a blessing. Has he enlisted in the 17 year Delayed Entry Program yet?

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    While having coffee one morning and talking to My Brother, He asked If I miss being in, He was a grunt. And I said YES , it just seems non-military folks just don't understand Me still... And it been quite a few years I've been out. Now way nce and cool here, fall weather for a few day. S/F

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