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    Jun 2005
    Just sitting here on this very weird hot day thinking about my friend Bill... you would know him as Devilhund... he would be just about messaging me to let me know he was headed this way because he had to get to the cottage as Walleye opens. He was a great man, always good to talk to in chat or facebook, loved his brotherhood of Marines and his wife and fishing....and I miss when I get out on the water this weekend , he will be with me.. hopefully urging the fish onto my lure .....

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    62º with partly cloudy skies overhead with light wind 10 to 15 mph with gust to 25 mph.
    High for today 78º..
    Take care everyone..

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    Cloudy , raining and some wind also...

    52º up to a blistering 56º

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    Finished staining my privacy fence ...

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    I would stain mine, but it don`t look right on barb wire.

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    Going to campus to watch the Lady Volunteers play in the NCAA softball regional tournament here in Knoxville. They are a #8 national seed but a very young team (only 1 starting senior). Supposed to hit 90 today so will be miserable at the ballpark.

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    47º and up to 66º today and wind from the north west at 22 mph..
    Clear skies so far..we'll see what happens today...

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    Hot and humid 91 degrees, feels like 97.

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    Afternoon all , It's 60º outside and cloudy skies and very light wind.
    High today hopefully reach 70º it better hurry..
    Have a nice week all...

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    Thunderstorms are fixin' to pass through the area ...

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    Well it's 63º and windy outside but no rain so far.
    High today around 66º ..
    Have a good day all..

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    Been raining all day ...

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    Right now we have 66º ,up to 76º today with clear skies overhead with winds about 10 to 20 mph..

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    68º calling for 72º with partly cloudy skies overhead windy conditions winds from the north at 13 mph..
    Have a great weekend and be safe..

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    Mostly sunny and 90 today ...

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