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    Sunny and 72 with a little breeze

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    Sunny and 70 in Reno, but not as humid as Jacksonville, as My Son's Family is finding out a lot different then 29 palms , LOL. Also got My 8 Grandchild yesterday, a Girl, 4 of each now... S/F

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    Sunny and 85 with a light breeze.

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    Afternoon all, 61 and light winds so far..High today 71 ..Have a great afternoon..

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    Cooking a beer chicken on the grill ...

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    Afternoon all, been down for a couple of days because of allergies, who would of thunk it after all the years I worked outside that I would be allergic to Rag weed and dust , Hhahahahaha..Funny I know but that happen to me..I start taking shots in May..
    Right now folks we have 67 with the high of 71 with winds blowing around 20 to 25 mph gusting to 35 mph

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