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    no_95%grafin oxid-05#dna....this is correct>>>>

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    Quote Originally Posted by HM3 Doc Wilder View Post
    no_95%grafin oxid-05#dna....this is correct>>>>
    Has to be the makings of MOTRIN...

    Take two today and come back in 3 days...

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    Mostly sunny and 82...

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    10-01-21, 10:39 AM #2372


    DOC may have also been doing
    shots ????
    sneeky-pete muscatelle ,
    even home made......

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    Cloudy with scattered thunderstorm and rain...

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    ..Overnights - I listen to internet radio station out of TEXAS.,
    near where billymongoose lives -
    last night - Texas radio station was saying they were having wind storms in the area with gusts of 85 mph., and they had weather advisories to inform truckers on the road w/ empty trailers to get off the road / and park - nose into the east or west to keep from being blown over....
    Meanwhile here on the east coast in NewEngland(land of confusion and liberals). We are having a 3 day 'Nor-EASTER'
    I just wonder IF Fuc*JoeBiden,
    Iz stuck there in flyover
    country to suck up all the
    wind in the middle.....

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    Mostly sunny and 68...

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    53, cloudy and rainy... Normal...

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    Cloudy, rain and 68...

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    Hello My Marines-Wheree is Everyone-Marine Birthday Coming Up...This said last page-Hope You are All Good,I be OK.New York-Bronx-cant sit in Restaurant without being Vaxxed.I take my Food Out...Big Protests here-because the Truth is Coming Out-Thes Vaxxers-Kill and Maim...This is a Plan to Weaken the Military to-on Purpose-cause We Been Infiltrated big Time-Everyone Knows but No-One says-The Dice has been Loaded since Daddy Bush-the Rest just Pawns of the Left-yup .I have been angry as you know. the Dice is Loaded-Left Sway-them included to.On Purpose...What"s for Dinner-little babies-The devil Rules the Ultra Rich-but Thanks to Alex Jones and his Crew and Tucker Carson ,Some Others-We Will Take Back Our Country and Be America We Love again.There is a Posse,Military People -Waiting for "Let;s Go Brandon"to Have he last Crap in his Paints-Where am I...? So there is Faith ,that is what I am Saying-Give the Past Brass a Chance. Meanwhile ,the Marines will Never Surrender to Treason-Ever..Maybe the Army to...Navy Seals-the Old Ones... 62 Degrees here today-Yesterday-33 degrees...Cold as a Witches-Mammary-Make No Mistake ,the Plan is to Kill all of us. So Marine Doctors get rid of that Shot-It's Meant to Have No Military at All-Wake Up Marine Generals-and All Physicians ,Nurses , all Medical People in the Service..This is Meant to Kill you Stupids-Yeah ,They Even Brought the Ability to Think , Down.Other Countries-Emptying their Jails and Asylums-send them here with Tally bon Assassins. Ok ,I stop....You All Know.Anyway Happy Marine Birthday-No Marine Ball.....It's Just a Cold to Normal People=Recovery 99.9% This has Been a Coup de Etat--and the News Media should be Held Responsible ,to the Highest Degree...Anyway gotta Go--SEMPER FI FOREVER-ME BROTHERS AND SISTERS.....WE RULE-And Will ALWAYS BE FREE----HELLO EVERYONE HERE..God Bless Always...Once A MARINE ALWAYS A MARINE- MOST TRUE FACT.-Roger Out-TO POLICE 10/4.....

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    Sunny and 69...

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    Greetings Kegler 300 SEMPER FI

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    Thanks Doc! Still hangin' in there!

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    Kegler 30 year with The Green Machine-You IS -The Marine Model of The U.S.M.C. SEMPER FI BRODER.

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    to all my Marine Brother's and Sisters Here-Happy 246 Marine Birthday-OOH RAH.

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