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    Good Morning My Marines-Still Breathing-no Jab-yet,Just want to say Hello....Hope You All are Well . and Having Fun...Not going to Talk Politics today..No-You All know what is Going On..Here.I want to tell you about a Friend of Mine ,from Face Book.he is a Marine , A Outstanding Decorated Detective of Over 25 years-A 9th Dan Black Belt in Shorin Ryu Okinawan Karate and One Of the Best Authors .I ever read....His name is James H. Lilley....he has Penned over !9 books.I have just finished my 4th Book of his...His first book is about walking into an Okinawa Dojo and wanting to learn Karate.He and Friend Be Round Eye and Teacher-say All Americans Quit ,so why Barther .These two American Marines Stuck it out..and Stayed-They we're given Brown Belts after awhile-This is his first book"Mr Miyagi and Me...Very Entertaining-Then he Wrote"Hounds From Hell" A Police Story-A Squad of Misfits-The protagonist-is Called James"Black Jack " Larson-he is a Sargent ,that is a Good Cop-but Higher Ups Don't like him-He shot in self defense-a Town's influential Rich person's son..It is a Great read-Then Came Second Book "Knights in Tarnished Armor-The Hounds from Hell 2-Further Adventures of this Police Department-Both Excellently Written.didn't expect it to be so Good...Female Reporter hired by Rich guy in League with Higher Shady Police-to Trap and Travel along with him in Police car-They hated each other-Sgt Black Jack-was Proven Innocent-and by Second Book was in Love. I have ordered the third in the Series "Tainted Justice"-Hounds from Hell III-that is Picked Up to Make a Movie...Ok ..The Book ,I want to Talk About is Fatal Destiny-The true-Brutal Death of Dr,Pam Basu-Jim was Selected as the Police-Writer' Author of the Year's Best Writer of the Year 2008-he should have received the Pulizer Award for this..this Horrible Crime was featured across the Country-in 1992-If you can read this Book and not Cry-you are not Human-don't Care How Many Terrible Things you have seen or Done in Vietnam..That is how Brilliant he is as a Writer---Please Look him up-and you will never be Sorry-Reading his Works-Take it from a Doc-He is Highly Decorated also as a Real Police Officer-of the Howard County Maryland Police Department also...Medal of Valor,4 Bronze Stars,4 Unit Citations,and the Governor's Citation-most of all-he is such a Gifted Writer-that Mickey Spillane would say Wow-Please Check his Books Out-you will become an Instant Fan ,Period..His Wife Jody also a Police Officer is a Sixth Degree Black Belt also. What a Great Writer-that is all I can Say.. This took me awhile to write-but- I am not Wasting your Time-Yoy know me for Eleven Years..Give this Marine My Brothers and Sisters-Some-What a Man.Be Blessed and Safe my Brothers and Sisters-Always---Semper Fi Forever-Freedom is Everything, and Love is More-Roger Out. oh and my Girlfriend's House Burned Down in Bislig Philippes--88 Wooden Houses went-Up Everyone is Safe-Thank God...Chow for Now,,

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    Cloudy with scattered rain showers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HM3 Doc Wilder View Post
    Even Dead People are Sorry They Voted for Biden Now......

    I doubt there being much difference
    ( intelligence wise ) between dead people,
    and Biden supporters......

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    Mostly sunny and 93...

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    Have not been able to Log on for awhile ,3 Weeks Maybe..76 degrees here in Bronx N.Y, They want to Vaccinate Everyone here, They are insane . The only one that Probably works is the Red Commie Chinese One..Biden ,Good Work there in Afghanistan-Left All the New Weapons as Usual....So- Good Job Obama ...Be Safe Everyone-Semper Fi Forever....

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    Cloudy, 84 with rain showers...

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    BLACKHEAD = a "pore" filled with dirt .

    ZIT = BLACKHEAD FILLED with puss.


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    Mostly cloudy and 86...

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    Troop901's retired -

    n heard from "Biden"

    bids hello to all

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    Moen shower won't stop flowing...Plumber coming tomorrow to replace the cartridge and fix the leak...Pricey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kegler300 View Post

    Moen shower

    won't stop flowing...
    Plumber coming tomorrow
    replace the cartridge
    fix the leak..
    ^ ouch *

    just for $hitzzNdGiggles
    balance rod/spool = max $ = $110
    just for the part

    Shame you cant change the
    4 o-rings on that spindel

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    Now I know how to replace the cartridge...Thanks plumbing guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kegler300 View Post


    I know how to replace the cartridge...

    Thanks plumbing guy.
    You're welcome kind sir.

    JUST as well you didn't know
    before he got there and -

    youda been up $hitzcreek iffin
    you broke it trying to save a

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    Rain showers and 76...

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    Hello My Marine Brothers and Sisters...Hope Doing Well.Surviving ,Thriving,and Keeping the USA-Beyond It's ,Predators of Pray. So,was Waiting for the Posse to Come ,and Being a Marine-Semper Fi......Do or Die ,I thought America'S Back was Coved.You would think They-would Have had Something ,PREPARED ,Maybe....I gotta tell you this would have made a Great SF- AlsoHorror Story....hehe.Also-Did Not Think-These Vaccines We're a Plot to Reduce the Militar,,Dumb- Wabbits ,so I be in Shock,,, Anyway..Thess Shots are made up ,of this Graphine Oxide Stuff in A Shot-95 % DNA-.05# Question_What does this Grafin Oxide do for the Vaccine-ABSOLUTLY NOTHING...What Doe IT Do For Humans-KILLS THEM-Does not Belong in A Vaccine...OK These are The PEOPLE EXEMPT -FROM TAKING VACCINE-CONGRESS/LEGISLATIVE BRANCH-CONGRESS STAFF-JUDICIAL BCRANCH-WHITE HOUSE STAFF- CDC EMPLOYEES -FDA EMPLOYEES- USPS EMPLOYEES- NIAID EMPLOYEES -PFIZER EMPLOYEES -MODERNA EMPLOYEES -ILLEGAL ALIENS- SO-IF THIS IS SO SAFE-WHY YOU -OFF THE LIST......OF BEING VAXXED...An EVERY PERSON in the MILitary ,IS GOVERNMENT-AND IF YOU'RE OFF-MILITARY SHOULD BE OFF TO.So ,Be Blessed my Marines.Something ,Maybe God Will come Through He Is Due and As You Already have Learned-Earth is BOOT CAMP-AND CAN BE HELL-BEE for Doc H....OK-For Police 10-4 For Marines ROGER OUT...BE SAFE_SURVIVE----

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