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    well Good Morning all.. Went to have surgery,and things didn't go as plan.. I had some sinus surgery.. They had a hard time stopping the Bleeding.. I almost bleed to death.. I was two and a haft days before finally they got in under control..
    Hope your day goes well for you guys..
    We have a temp. of 31 and hope we get to 50 today..

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    Glad you are ok now. That's some scary stuff.

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    Damn- take care brother, and I hope you are on the mend!

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    Afternoon all, we have 46 and 50 should be the high for today..
    Yes I am recovering slowly and thank you for your Prayers and best wishes to all of you for that..

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    Sunny and 54...

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    Afternoon all, we have a great day going so far..
    We have 36 and should hit 40 today..

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    Sunny and 53...

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    Good Morning everyone just watch the President leave on Air Force One, Heading home and America has lost one of the Greatest Presidents of all time..
    President Trump will be Missed by all..
    Well we have 29 and should hit 55 today ....
    Have a great day and stay safe and God Helps us all..

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    Morning all, We have 31 and we should be close to 45 for the high..
    I hope everyone has a fine day and weekend. stay safe..

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    Afternoon all,it's 43 and we think we will hit 52..
    Hope everyone has a great day and weekend..

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    Sunny and a chily 48...

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    Afternoon all it snowed last night and we have about 1 inch on the ground with mostly cloudy skies with some wind, we Have a temp. 27 and that's about the best will do today.. Have a great day and a Blessed weak..

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    Rain and 53...

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    Well afternoon all, it' colder than a witches tit in a brass bra...
    Right now we have 19 and some light snow coming down... I hope we get a little more we need the moisture here...

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    More rain and 61...

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