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    Hey Morning everyone ,It's a new week and I'm doing well ..
    We have clear skies and a temp of 33 and we could reach 55 later on..
    Have a good day !!!

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    Cloudy and 52...

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    Good Morning Marines, it's a beautiful day and not too windy I would say and we have 47 ND 59 SHOULD TOP US OUT TODAY..
    Have a great Day...

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    Cloudy and 54 with scattered rain...

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    Good Morning all, it a little windy and we have 40 right now and hope to see 50 later on..
    Hope you have a great day...

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    Good Morning everyone ,it's cloudy outside and 27 and I hope we reach 42 today ..

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    Sunny and 48...

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    Afternoon all,it's 32 and cloudy skies and we have hoar frost now on trees and other growing things around here.. Also we hope to reach 39..
    Have a good day all...

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    Sunny and 48, dropping down to 28 overnight.

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    Afternoon all, it very nice today. We have 39 and a high of 45 today I hope that you all have a great day..

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    Cloudy and 52...

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    Afternoon everyone ,it's 43 and we should reach close to 54 today.. I hope everyone does well today ...

    Have a good day..

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    Cloudy with rain and 52...

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    Good Morning all, if you use Flash Player from Adobe your SOL They stop using it and they don't have a replacement to replace it yet.. I called them and they said they don't know when it will come out...
    Well today is very clear and we have 46 and their calling for 64 for today will see...
    Have a good one all...

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    Sunny and 56...

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