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    Good Morning everyone we have a great day going on here..
    We have 34 and we might hit 50 today..
    It's a good day so far...

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    Morning. Light rain 81 going to 83. Seeing a little flooding closer to the beach. Just a few branches down a couple miles from the water. Haven't been out yet to see what the rest of the area looks like.

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    Heavy down pours...Up to six inches of rain.

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    Afternoon all, it's 50 and we hope it hits 56 today and just think what day it is..

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    Cloufy and 76...

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    Afternoon everyone it's bright here with clear skies and a temp of 63 and the high of 70 for today..
    I hope everyone stays safe and covid free...

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    Suny and 64...

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    Sunny and a cool 55. Going to 74 today. First day off work since Friday.

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    Well for today we have clear sunny skies and our temps is 76 and we should max out at 81.. Hope your day goes well..

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    Sunny and 54...

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    Sunny 58, going to 78.

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    Afternoon all it's 76 and that's it for today and we have clear skies ,and a light wind so far...
    Have a great day all...

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    Been locked out for awhile but good to see Keg and Ed. 65 and misting today and yes I missed you guys. And October 22nd 2021.

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    Welcome back, hope things are well with you..
    Cloudy and rain and the temp is 43.. Take care

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    Sunny and 72 today...

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