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  1. #2011
    Good Morning everyone it a bit cooler than I like it.. Right now we have 38 and expect a high of 57 ,but we will see..
    so far I've been fighting with the IRS as they said that are taking my VA rights away Cause the IRS said I made to much money Last year .. The IRS says I made over 77,000 dollars last year and don't have any money That I was to have receive from my retirement fund.. Anyways I'm hoping my VA rep. can help me...Hell I live on what the SSA sends me and that ain't much...
    Have a good weekend..

  2. #2012
    mostly sunny and 78...

  3. #2013
    Hey everyone we got snow last night and when I got up this Morning we had about 2 to 3 inches on the ground and a temp of 19 and the high for today should only be 25.. Can't complain we needed that moisture.
    Have a great week and stay safe all...

  4. #2014
    Mostly cloudy and 68...

  5. #2015
    Good afternoon all, we still have snow on the ground and a temp of 27 and expect a high of 35 ,But will see..
    I hope everyone is OK and please be safe today..

  6. #2016
    Party sunny and 78...

  7. #2017
    Well Good morning all, it's cold ,but not as it could be ..
    Right now have 37 and we may hit 46 today..
    Hope you have a good day all...

  8. #2018
    Afternoon all, it's 46 right now and 57 will be the high for today.. Just think just 5 more days till the election.. Hope everyone turn out and votes ..

  9. #2019
    Cloudy, windy, humid, and 78...

  10. #2020
    Morning all, it's 51 and we should hit 68 later to day.. Have a great Weekend all.. TGIF

  11. #2021
    Afternoon. 74 here. I didn't know anyone still came in here. Lol

  12. #2022
    Thanks to us that post here it still running..welcome back..

  13. #2023
    Thanks! Everyone jumped ship, so I left.

  14. #2024
    Mostly cloudy and 68...

  15. #2025
    Morning. Couldn't sleep, so first cup of coffee down. A clear, cool 63 this morning. Only going to 82 today.

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