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    Well afternoon everybody we have a great day today we 81 and it may hit 90 later on.. Have a Blessed week ahead of you..

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    Rain and 80...

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    Hey all It's Monday and we have 65 and hope to see 74 today..
    We had some very high winds come through here last night I bet we had winds that were close to 70 MPH..
    Hope everyone has a good week...

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    Cloudy and 81...

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    good afternoon everyone ,we have a temp of 69 and a high of 76.. Hope everyone has a good day...

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    Ordered new head lights for my 2012 Ram 1500.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kegler300 View Post
    Ordered new head lights for my 2012 Ram 1500.

    where did you order them from??
    I went to ebay and seen some brand new head light for my 2004 Toyota and they just a fraction of what the dealer and parts store wanted. If you have the item number you just type it into the search bar and it should bring up you light

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    Good afternoon all, It's a very nice day we have 84 and we should top out at 88 today.. we have some overcast skies and hardy any wind so far...anyways have a good day..

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    Mostly cloudy and 81...

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    Afternoon all, Sorry I'm late today. I'm on the phone with IRS and Have been on hold for over 3 1/2 hours trying to get my VA benefits that they are denying me..
    For today we see the temp is really cool today we have 58 and that should be the high also...

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    Afternoon everyone ,well it's TGIF and we have 57 and we should top at 68 ,will see..
    Have a good weekend and stay safe..

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    Afternoon all, it's 48 and we should reach 60 today.. Hope you had a good weekend I know I did.. Take care and stay safe..

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    Partly sunny and 74...

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    Good Morning everyone .I know it's a shock me being up this early ,but I have a appoint this morning and I Have to have my car worked on today. Well this morning we have 35 and we should see 51 later on.. Have a great day and be careful...

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    Cut the grass for the last time this season...

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