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    Good afternoon everyone it's 77º and should hit 83º.. We clear skies and light wind so far.. Have a great day all...

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    Cloudy and 82...

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    Good afternoon everyone, Nice day today.. We have 75º and 85º for the high..
    I hope everyone has a great week and stay safe..

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    Cloudy and 86...

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    Afternoon everyone it's 77º and we may reach 87º today. Right now we have cloudy skies and breezy condition so far...
    Have a Great Day

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    Partly sunny and 79 with low humidity...

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    Well afternoon everyone it's real nice today we have a temp of 74º and the high of 84º today. Hope your Hump day goes well for you...

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    Hurricane window shutters are going to cost me $4000...

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    Well afternoon all..
    I's 75º and 85º for the high.. All so it's T.G.I.F. so have a good one...

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    Cloudy, scattered rain showers and 72...

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    Hey everyone it's a very nice day here, We have 77ºand 83º for the high today..Have a good Hump-day

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    Cut the grass...Again.

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