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    Partly cloudy and 90...

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    Afternoon all, it'ss 82º and the high 92º .. Hope you have a great day,,

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    Morning all it's 83º now and we could see 100º today .. Hope everyone has a good weekend...

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    Partly cloudy and 91 today...

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    Good Morning all , It's going to be very warm today right now we have 85º and 96º might be our high..Have a great day all..

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    Mostly sunny, 91, with an evening rain shower.

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    Afternoon all,it's 78º and we could reach 83º for the high toda..
    I hope you all had a great weekend..

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    Partly sunny and 92...

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    Hey ,afternoon all. Well it's 77º and 82º for the high today..
    Happy Trails to you all..

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    Mostly cloudy and 89 today...

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    Well it's 86º and 90º should be our high..

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    Mostly cloudy and 92 today... In Hurricane Isaias' bullseye. Such is life in Eastern North Carolina.

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    Hey every body we Had some nice rain this morning and right now,we have clear skies and 68º outside and 89º the high for today....

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    The calm before the storm...

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    Waiting for the storm to pass through this afternoon. In out current culture of overreaction, they had the beach red-flagged yesterday, but that didn't stop a few of us from catching some waves...
    Everyone down south stay safe!

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