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    Cut the grass...

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    Sunny day today high 82º..

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    First let me say-Happy Birthday to Maddox-Be Safe and Party Party On.....Got Banned Again on FB. They Can't Handle the Truth-Restrict a Person From Saying the Truth...Puff and Spooky would Cure the Commie Overthrow Period....Good Morning Marines- 73 degrees here in the Bronx-going up to 83 degrees today with Rain...Still Breathing and there are over 31000 dead from Corona here.Riotersvand Terrorist hace Completely Looted New York City....Not Nice at all,,,,Saw a Video where one guy tried to get ATM on Bus ,but Driver closed the Doors...This would never Happen in the Philippines Ever-Those Cops there would Shoot to kill with their Shotguns,Period...Disgracing Our Flag now-Burning it-Everywhere....Just Discusting ,what is Happening. Hope Everyone is Well and Alert..Joined this FMF-Corpsman Group-on Facist Book, Good Guys-but My Service Navy Number is Older Than All of Theres-Mine Starts wit B10- Very Strange,I feel, detached from them- One Corpsman Doc Wayne was an older guy like me-A Real out in the Bush Combat Corpsman-got his PHD in Psycology-Good guy,,I just went through some Villiages on Clean Up and Med-Pacs-did get Shot at- but not like FistFu and Mongoose in Third Marine Division, oe else ,I know,I would not be Here...What I want to say is that I Consider Leather Neck my True Home wit you All- Period..I am not much of a Joiner at all.You Marines ,and Female Marines are Truly my Family...Period.Just Don't feel the Same-Anywhere Else...True..Ten Years I have Been here...Nobody is Like you...So ,just wanted to say Hello to you...Things are getting Hotter-me no Likey-what is Happening to Our Country-Second Wave of Corona-going on to-Damn.Not in New York-Arizona and California ,I read today.Me Hates that to-Cause Camp Pendleton is There,and want my Marines Safe Always..So,Just had to Come on-cause,as usual-I don't Sleep to good..just don't. Any Just Saying God Bless Always, and SEMPER FI FOREVER....Marines are Still Dying Hate that to. America has to Be Prtected from Hired Leftists and Re China-with Bad Traitors from Here-that Sold their Souls Babies and Children...President Trump must Reveal This, Ok-Be Save My Brothers and Sisters...Amen...

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    Mar 2006
    Yessir Devil Doc give ‘Em Hell...Ive been the Social Distancing Champ since New Years day 1969 lol...most of these Humans of today couldn’t wipe the fudge outta a Devil Doc’s skivvies of our Space in Time !! Got my first Woodie of the day eyeballin a sweet Benelli M-4 H2O shorty retractable stock 12ga...only thing it needs bayonet Lug on Her !! Go Easy Godbless Yah Doc

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    Mostly Cloudy and 94º

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    Sunny windy and hot.. Right now we have 88º and we mite see 94º ,..So everyone stay safe and talk to you later..

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    Another several inches of rain today...

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    Morning all, Had my coffee and now we have clear skies and very windy outside..
    Right now we have 86º and the high will be close to 98º..
    Have a great day all..

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    Hey all,afternoon ... It's nice today it's 81º and we could hit 90º.. I hope you have a good day..

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    Mostly sunny and 82 today...

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    Good afternoon everyone and a nice day for us here..
    We have 92º over cast skies ..
    I would like to wish everyone here a Happy Father Day...

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    Afternoon all,it's a very nice day so far.. We have 81º outside and expect to hit 87º later today..Hope everyone weekend went well and have great week ahead ...

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    Cloudy and rain showers...

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    Clear skies with 88º we should hit 98º today..
    It's a beautiful day ,so everyone enjoy the day and the weekend..

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