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    Mar 2006
    Hang En there Doc keep your Powder dry and your Pecker hard...If that Lady Doc don’t act right tell her you’ll write her Butt uP lol Go Easy Aye Aye Semper Fi

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    Need to get a haircut ...

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    Afternoon all,it's over cast and cooler today with 57º and 64º by this afternoon..
    Rest easy all my Brothers who gave it there all..

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    Morning all, right now it's cloudy and cool. We have a tempp. of 73º and we hope to reach 79º...
    Have a good day..

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    Mostly clear and nice so far. We have 77º and we hope to reach 88º today ...
    Have a great weekend..

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    Shaved the beard, but still need a haircut...

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    Afternoon everyone ,and how are you doing. Me, I'm fine and we have a temp of 90º and we may reach 100º..Hope your all doing well and stay safe..

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    Good Morning all, we have a beautiful day going.
    Right now we have 81 and our high should be 96º..
    Have a good day..

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    Morning all we have a very nice day going on today...
    Right now we have 87º and the high could be 96º.
    Have a great day.

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    Mostly sunny and 88...

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    Good afternoon everyone hope your all fine..
    right now we have 90º and looking at 100º for today..
    T.G.I.F to all..

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    Mostly sunny, 86, with a down pour this evening...

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    Afternoon all, it's a nice day so far. We have 87º and we may see 100º also. Hope you had a good weekend I know I did..Take care and have a blessed week..

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    Mostly sunny and 86 today...

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    Afternoon all. it's 58º windy as can be and cloudy too. we want see the highs like yesterday.. stay well and be safe..

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