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    Afternoon had my morning coffee and the day looks like it will snow...
    The temp is 35º and may reach 39º..
    Take care and see you later on....

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    Afternoon ,it's 31º outside and we could hit 39º today..
    Also I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving also..

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    Sunny and 60 ...

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    Afternoon all, had my morning coffee and now on with the cold weather for today we 43º and and the high should reach around 47º.. Have a good day..

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    Rain and 62 today ...

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    Afternoon all,had a good weekend and the temp is 50º and we should reach 57º this afternoon...Clear skies and no wind to speak of...

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    Afternoon all, we have 58º outside and 62º hopefully will reach..

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    Good afternoon all, had my morning coffee.
    The temp is 54º and the high should be 59º

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    Sunny and 52 ...

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    51º and 57º for the today's temps..Had my morning coffee and thought I would check the internet and see what's going on...

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    Good morning all, it's 36º and the high should reach 46º.. It's a chilly start to today. But will will make the best of it...
    Have a great weekend....

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    Cloudy and 64 today ...

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    current temp at 10:30 here is 29 going to make it into the mid-'30s today, higher tomorrow but then the bottom is supposed to drop out Tues, Weds, and Thurs. highs from 18 to 25 respectively...
    the old wood furnace will be working overtime for

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    Clear skies and cold and Santa starts today from 1PM to 7PM today so Merry Christmas to ya...

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    Clear skies and nice day so far..Right now it's 54º and should reach 65º and Santa is off today too see all the boys and have a great time doing it..

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