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    Mostly cloudy and 81 today ...

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    currently 39 and partly sunny, we had our first snowfall of the year yesterday around an inch total, not much but it was pretty to see in coming down. the wood furnace is now going full tilt...

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    It's T.G.I.F. and 49 and should reach 56 today.. Had my morning Coffee .. now checking the web out .. we had our first snow of the season also and it was about a 1/2 inch...

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    Good afternoon all, had my morning coffee and now I'm looking at the web seeing what's going on right now we have 56 and we should 61 take care and have a nice day...

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    Sunny, breezy, and 69 today ...

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    Good afternoon it's 56 and the high should reach 62 hope so...

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    Afternoon all, 51 and the high around 62.. Hope your hump day is going well and have a good day ...

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    Partly sunny and 69 ...

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    Afternoon , feeling under the weather today woke up sick with a lung infection and sinus too.. Right now we have 37 and our high will be around 46 enjoy your day and stay safe...

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    Hello Marines....32 degrees here in the Bronx...Today at 7:30 ,I am off to the Philippines, Really- for 16 days-so excited about that.First stop Korea ,never been there either,,maybe have some KimChee-just a drop.Got my Passport first One,,,,Just Want to Say Happy Birthday Marines-November 10-right date this time. So,Have little WiFi Computer-Hope to Write from there...30 minites and Cab will be here to JFK Airport..So Semper Fi Forever-and God Bless Always-Chow for Now....

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    Afternoon all, it's 59 and 69 should be the high today,, Still feel crap guess I need get a new body ...

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    Cold and 39 ...

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    Afternoon all, we are at 75 and we should top out at 81 .. We have clear skies and very light wind.. Have a great Saturday..

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    Happy Birthday to all my fellow Marines !!!!
    It's 66 and thats also the high for today..
    May you have a safe day..

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    Howdy and afternoon all..
    It's 21 and we should top out at 32.. The bottom dropped out of the warm temps today and we had some good cold winds and some snow...

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