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    Cloudy and 73 today ...

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    57 degrees now with rain tonight and all day tomorrow,,,President Trump is The Man....Marine Reserves Called Up....Never Made the Commie Network News,,or Papers....I am Well ,under 200 pounds but not as Strong as I used to be.....Yeah-I got my Hundred % PTSD , Now have to try to keep it.Yeah ,me and DocGreek got Something in Common-RAGE- working on it for 19 years-4 Anger Management Courses and More Programming ,Stuff ,that don't Work on Me ,at all. Going to the Philippines in November for 22 days..Got my first Passport..Never Been to the Philippines-Alcohol only there--Got It..So,this is my 50 Year R&R-Would Have Loved to go to Hong Kong-but the Chinese Commies want to destroy the Free Peoples There..Stopping in Korea First,,, then Manila..There is this guy there called Joe Bang Lee-He and his Bro
    ther started ,,Warrando in the Philippines.Maybe ,I can Say Hello to him,if he is Still in Practice,,,Anyway I am Happy to Say Hi,,,to All my Marines,,,,,and Fellow Docs, God Bless and Always SEMPER FI FOREVER-Happy Birthday Marines,,,,,

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    Congratulations, Doc, glad you made it.... if your VA decision says "Dependents Educational Benefits granted effective --/--/----", then you are considered "Permanent and Total", and the VA will most likely never look at you again unless you file another claim.... Semper Fi, Doc...

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    1Hello Marines- A little Pre-Marines Birthday-November 10th-not October 10th-Forgive me-- The PTSD thing was in June-but ,the letter from the V.A. was Lost until August-so didn't find out till August,...They said,they didn't have my Mailing Address.Huh-Only Worked at the VA-since 1977-same address. Was Told I would Never Get it..Wasn't going to Apply again...The People from the DAV-I worked for-Said Do it..My Councilor and Shrink said DO it...Had Private PHD- told her about First Med and Triage Work ,I did-She said -she Heard Enough-and I said but I haven't told you about some Combat Experiences I had yet..Saw POW's Get shot to Death,by Army Arvin-and Marine and Army Deserters-get Killed by Repelling Marines and Army from my Base---Many Murders there also...Still Have Dreams of Body Parts--Bleed Outs--Terrible Things But ,I was Supposed to Be with the Third Marine Division from my Fifth Marine Division- Still Feel like I Really Don't Deserve anything....Denial -Incidents -Working in VA-helped Also ,and When I RAGED out at Voluntary Services and Had to Be Removed from VA-by Federal Police-Showed my PTSD-so it was no lie...Still was Ashamed to Try for it. Don't know Anything-Old Top cept , I was Always For Marines First-Before me.Really Don't know anything ,cept Free Dental-but have not gone yet there...I was Told ,after 10 years it will become Permanent...72 years old now-so What could I learn that would really make me Valuable still in this Life...Medicine is all ,I was Ever Good At..Really.Would Like to Do something else-part time maybe-for Salary-Volunteering-for three years to do Claims for Veterans was good but the DSO,s my Friends are still being treated Bad..there..They know it. Forced to get a FLU shot-Poison-only 17% effective last year- Polio Vaccines actually Cause Polio,,,says the Health Ranger... Vaccines have Fetal DNA- with Time released Cancer in it says----Mike Adams..Pre Fabbed Cancer Inoculations that come out-years later....I better wanted to apologize for my Marine Birthday Error...It is Tattooed on my Soul-ok Where is that Rose Garden....Bye Now,,,Semper Fi my Brothers and Sisters .

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    Afternoon all,it's 48º and chilly and we should top out at 56º

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    Afternoon all, it's 58º and 68º will be the high for today I really hope everyone has a fine day...

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    Good afternoon are temp is the high for today 77º hope your weekend went well mine did...

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    Afternoon we have a temperature of 76º and the high should reach 86º..

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    Afternoon , well it's 60º and we will top out at 68º hopefully...

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    Afternoon everyone nice day outside we have a temp.70ºand expect a high around 76º.. Hope you have a good day...

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    Cloudy and 82 with rain showers ...

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    Good Morning Marines....Hey Marine1955-weather here in the Bronx New York is 54 degrees and raining all day to. D.A.V. Meeting this Saturday..Never Know how much Coffee to make.Have thrown out lot's of it...Last month they only had 16 oz cups not 12 once cups-so actually ran out...They Liked It...Also ,Sometimes it Brews and Sometimes it Don't . Ridiculous... Like Shooting Craps-Lucky Lucky-or Not...I just Brew the Coffee again before the crowd gets there at 11 am...Can't make it to strong -lotta people on heart meds...No Bustello....Gotta Go to Sleep-very soon-to get up,the Guy that Buys the Food is in Florida-working-Just found out today..So ,They Call this The Entertainment Comittte-me and someone else gotta fwtch the food...Always Smooth Running-Ok Marines ,I say ,for me Lights Out,,,,God Bless Always...God Bless President Trump to .

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    Hey it's 79º and we should top out at 85º today. Know whay you mean ,the doc told me only one cup of coffee a day.. Thanks Doc ...

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    Afternoon it's 88º and should be the high for today..

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    Morning all , we have 60º and we should reach 70º for our high..

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