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    Guess what ?? today was my anniversary for my Heart Surgery..
    One year ago I woke up a new man..

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    Sunny and 96, heat index of 105 ...

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    Afternoon all 90º and our high is 90º.. Partly cloudy skies and with very little wind to speak of...
    Have a good week...

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    Mostly sunny and 86 ...

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    Afternoon all it's warm here in S.W. Kansas today right now we have 88º and should reach 92º with the humidity around 75% makes it feel like 100º.
    Mostly clear skies and light wind..
    Have fine day all..
    Had some breakfast and coffee now on to bigger and better thing to do...

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    Afternoon all it's 81º and the high should reach 86º with some humidity of 56% making it muggy...

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    Mostly sunny and 92, heat index of 105 ...

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    Afternoon all, it's 93º outside and thank goodness I'm inside.
    High today 100º with some wind and chance of late evening showers...

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    Cloudy and 86 with rain showers ...

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    Good morning all it's 75º and clear skies and a little wind.
    Our high should reach right at 95º
    Let the weekend start

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    Good Afternoon all it's 85º and we should reach 96º with light wind blowing.. Had a big Breakfast and Biscuits and gravy and hash brown potato with Bacon and some good old coffee...

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    Good Morning all it's 73º and the high today should reach 92º...

    Had some Breakfast and getting ready for church... After all it's Sunday and we praise the Lord for his wonderful world we live ...

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    Mostly cloudy and 86 with rain showers in the morning ...

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    Good Morning it's already 88º and it's suppose to hit 101º..
    Had some grits for breakfast now off to the Doctors office for my heart check up...

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    Sunny and 89 with heavy down pours this evening ...

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