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    Sunny and 91, heat index of 102 ...

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    High 90's ,lot of brush fires around.

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    Afternoon everyone I have 91 and partly cloudy skies and a light wind so far , but that's subject to change at any time..
    Have a good day all...

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    Hot and humid ...

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    Well good afternoon all, it's 91 and we should hit 100 this afternoon sometime that is..we have light winds also so far and clear skies overhead. We received some rain over night and it smelled so clean and I didn't have to water the Yard today..
    Have a good day are at least the rest of the day...

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    Ate lunch at the Hibachi restaurant ...

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    No time at all -
    yer-gwanna be lookin'
    fer a snow-shovel -

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    Afternoon all, it's 95 and should reach 100 with a heat index of 105.. That's why I'm staying inside today..

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    Good evening all it's 103 and feels like 105..
    We have clear skies and some wind blowing at lest it help cool you off...
    Coffee was great today my wife has learned real well how to make it strong for me and her...

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    Cut the grass … Heat index of 104.

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    96 it reach 103 and felt like 105.
    Glad I have AC or I would die most likely..
    I seen this used by one of the Moderators and I like so I stole it... Shuuuuuu Don't tell him OK..

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    Mostly sunny and 92, heat index of 103 ...

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    Good afternoon everyone hot as can be temperature is100 and I'm staying inside so this fat boy isn't going outside if I can help it..
    Have a good weekend..

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    Well Afternoon all it's 85 and the skies are blue and very little wind.. High today should reach 88 and that all ..
    Have a good week ahead all...

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    Sunny and 95, heat index of 105 ...

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