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    Morning to all ,69º and we should make it to 94º as we have a cool front moving though and cooling us down some what...If the humidity stay low we'll have a nice day, but if it goes high it will seem like 100º outside..
    Have a good day...

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    Cloudy and 83, heat index of 90 with heavy rain this evening ...

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    Well we have some light fog and temp of 70º with the high getting to 90º....
    So far no wind ,but that's subject to change...
    Have a good Sat...

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    Good Sunday afternoon, We have 89º and we should hit 94º with light wind breeze..
    Have a good day and a great ahead..
    Semper Fi...

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    Good Monday Morning, Had my morning coffee and breakfast and now we have 90º should reach 95º to 100º with light winds so far..
    Have a Good week all..

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    Cloudy and 86 with rain showers ...

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    clear and hot ,in the 90's today

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    Well afternoon all , had morning Tea today instead of coffee which was refreshing...

    Right now we have 90º and our high today around 98º

    Hope your day goes well Semper Fi..

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    Mostly sunny and 86 ...

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    Good Evening Marines..74 degrees here in the Bronx but high Humidity.Happy Belated July 4th to you all .Been keeping busy and this Summer is Flying by.Hope You All Well and Happy enough..Not on face Book that much but Messenger keeps me busy. Not really exercising like I used to , but Glucose is pretty good now...DAV is off in the Summer so that is Relaxing..for me....All in All ,I am doing Well......Am bothered by the Invaders and everything else but my lips are sealed for awhile .That AOC is in my Bronx District-so I do think if I am still here-I will vote her out when the time comes.hehe Anyway Just wanted to say Hello to Ya.....Semper Fi and God Bless Always.......Be Safe to........

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    Well Doc glad you showed up keep us on our toes and keep in touch
    Morning all , Had morning coffee and breakfast.. and now I'm read to check out the net...
    Right we have 80º with a high of 102º today Stay inside today that's for sure.
    Have a pleasant day all...

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    Let see we had some rain over night and we received 1/2 inch..
    Right now we have 78º and should hit 86º for a high at least that's what the weather man said....Had my coffee and biscuits and gravy and now I'm ready to roll...

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    Well it was a beautiful day for today not as hot but humid 85% humidity and 85º made for a muggy day...

    Good night all...

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    Hot and muggy and cut the grass …

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    Hey everyone it's 79º and mostly cloudy with 78 Humidity making for a muggy day to day high 88º some light wind so far.
    Had some breakfast this morning pouch egg and cheese and toast.

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